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National Fitness Day provides a platform for you to take a pledge to help get Ireland fitter. The day is dedicated to celebrate physical activity in Ireland. This year we aim to make it the biggest event by inviting every community to get involved to make Ireland more active.
We welcome leisure centres, gyms, parks and clubs who will be opening their doors to welcome you for a free session in your area.

Regular exercise has a vast amount of beneficial factors, from creating a healthy mind and body to a greater quality of life. However, many of us find getting fit troubling! It becomes a challenge and it shouldn’t be – that is why we are running National Fitness Day.
Research shows if you exercise in company (with friends) you are more likely to stick at it; the social atmosphere creates a positive environment which importantly helps us to have fun.

Join us for the Most Active Day of the Year and celebrate the fun of fitness.

Take on the Teachers Challenge TOTT Poster

Cara National Fitness Day Poster 2019


Get Ireland Walking- 21 Day Walking challenge

National Fitness Day – Press Release – 2019

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